Monday, February 7, 2011

Reading Aloud to Your Infant

One of the best ways to instill a love of reading in your child is to begin reading early and often. Lie on the floor with your infant, hold the book so you can both see the pictures and text, and read aloud.

The books can be picture and word books with interesting pictures that you discuss or storybooks with good stories. Avoid simple phonics books that are constructed for beginning readers -- Run, Jack, Run -- because there is no storyline or point of interest for your child.


livingindarwin said...

Do you have any tips if your child doesn't enjoy reading, except insofar as she is allowed to grab and chew on the book? My baby is 7 mths.

Montessori House said...

Thanks for your note. I'd suggest providing more material for your child to grasp, squeeze, bite, and tug upon. It sounds as if she is really seeking this type of activity. I'd also suggest making sure she has plenty of baby-safe floor room to move around and explore.

After that, you could sit on the floor with her and show her a large book with pictures and a compelling story. Photos of other infants might interest her -- if there is no detailed story, you can use the photos as a discussion point and talk to her about the infants as you turn the pages. Try leaving her with the book to look at on her own afterwards (if she bites it, that is okay, you can try again later...just make sure the book is baby-safe).

Hope this helps! Love to hear how it goes.