Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Infants and Toddlers: Touch and Movement

A question we got in following our post about reading aloud to infants asked about what to do if one's infant only wanted to grab and bite the books, not look at them.

Our answer: More grabbing, grasping, creeping, crawling...and more things to gnaw on!

Why? Because your infant or toddler is only responding to what he or she needs at that moment. Your child is too young to reason with because he or she is at that crucial age where needs must be met. By the parents. If your child needs to grasp and bite, he or she will do that. You can help out by providing the environment with more equipment so your infant can do this!

Overall physical movement is also important, so check out our earlier Montessori and infant movement post and think about creating a Montessori infant and toddler bedroom setup with a futon or thin mattress on the floor along with a floor area for activity.

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