Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick and Dirty Flammability Test for Children's Products

Wanting to avoid chemicals in material, we wanted to use wool insulation at home. I had some wool fleeces, so thought to wash them, soak them in boron (for insects), and felt them for the ceiling. Then we got a few samples of wool for wool insulation vendors...

It occurred to me to test the wool to see if it burned. Sadly, my own washed fleeces burn. Not well, but if you leave a match on them, they do keep burning on their own. The other samples from Oregon Shepard extinguish themselves.

Some time ago, I also tested a natural latex mattress (latex from the rubber tree). It burned too well to want to use it for a child.

So, I'm suggesting holding a match to anything in question. Not that it's the most scientific study, but, hey, it weeds out some contenders. Not that I am suggesting garbing your child in flame retardant soaked chemical clothing. Just sharing what we're doing here.

Ideas? Send 'em along!

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