Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Practical Life for Infants and Toddlers: Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is a great season for infants and toddlers. They can roam around unbundled as they creep, crawl, and toddler to explore the out-of-doors.

Here are some ideas for incorporating fruits and vegetables into your child's summer:
1. Grow plants for your child to water, weed, and pick. It is important that they be pesticide free and that you not be upset if the plants bear a bit of bad treatment if your child bites the leaves or whatnot. We suggest growing only edible plants so that your child does not risk poisoning that can happen with occasional decorative plants.
2. Take advantage of growing the fruits and vegetables by showing your child how to pick them and put them into a basket.
3. See our Practical Life post on our general Montessori blog for ideas on incorporating the plants and produce into a variety of exercises.

Infants can handle the produce, and you can show them how to peel or eat the fruit/vegetable. You can show your infant how you take the peeled fruit and prepare it, if it is too big to be bitten from the whole.

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