Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Help Your Infant Move

Earlier, we discussed what not to do: Don't provide artificial movement for your child (no bouncy seats, for example), don't hold your child's arms over his or her head to help with walking or standing (bad for brain and body development), and so forth.

But what can you do?


1. Sitting on the floor and letting your infant use your leg as a prop to stand up. Watch in wonder as he or she tries and tries again. Remember not to dive in to help (and no saying, "be careful!")

2. Lie on the floor. Let your infant use you for crawling and propping him or herself up.

3. You can assist an infant on his or her back by holding both of your arms out, so he or she can grasp your hands to pull up. Do not pull your child, but stay stable and still so that you are useful. Let your infant grip your hands as if they were stationary -- leave your fingers closed and curved a bit, so there is a natural grip available.

Have fun and take pictures!

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My Ireland said...

Many thanks for some great tips. These are really going to help me, especially since I'm always inclined to help my baby too much. I "over help" I suppose.