Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Infants, Rattles, Montessori, and Safety: Do NOT Buy This Recalled Rattle

Sorry for all the bleak posts lately! We kept coming across newly recalled infant items and wanted to make sure we shared them...but the posts are still bleak.

This recalled plastic rattle by Manhattan Toys is a perfect example of what not to buy, even if it had not been proven dangerous.

Let's dissect it:
1. Plastic (wood is highly recommended)
2. Too many little parts (one of them will break, and they're small, so they're choking hazards)
3. Tiny parts inside (definitely choking hazard)
4. Too busy (look for a simple rattle with wooden beads inside or similar)
5. Garish colors (if it is wooden and unpainted, your chances of encountering toxic materials are much less)

More (cheerful) what TO do's in our Montessori teaching albums for infants.

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