Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exercise for Infants Lying Down

Try to keep your infant in a ergonomically sound position at all times. Seated comfortably with his or her head supported in an infant carrier or car seat or lying on his or her back or stomach on a soft solid surface (rug or blanket).

When your infant is lying on his or her back, you can interact in a variety of ways as you talk to your infant.

For example, notice how your infant kicks his or her legs. As you talk to your infant. place your hands gentle in front of your infant's feet and play pat-a-cake with them. Your verbal interaction should include dialog in a regular voice (not high pitched or squeaky) with complete sentences or phrases. For example, you can sing the pat-a-cake rhyme or engage your infant with "right, left, right, left..." dialog as feet touch hands.

Next, lie next to your infant and kick your feet up to touch your hands, if you can (or go as close as possible). Use your right hand to touch your right foot, and so forth. Tell your infant what you are doing as you do it -- "I am touching my right foot, and now my left foot..." Or count as you make each movement.


melissa said...

Thanks for the great suggestions!
I have to be contrary on the car seat portion, however. Any more time in a car seat than necessary is not good for a developing infant as it lowers their oxygen levels, and when used to excess can lead to plagiocephaly. Here are some great links!

Montessori House said...

Thanks for your note!! We actually meant that the car seat was for use when driving in the car (as some parents have asked about taking infants out of car seats when they are smaller).

melissa said...

Oh, good! Sorry if I misunderstood you : ) I just pictured all of these parents putting their infants in their car seats for play time together! Haha.

Thanks for all of your great ideas!