Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Montessori Equipment for Infants: Affordable & Handmade Mobiles

We are thrilled to find beautiful handmade Montessori equipment for infants on Etsy. This simple Bell on a Ribbon hanging toy is created by goosedesigns, a wonderful Etsy shop.

The Bell on a Ribbon provides both attractive and attention-grabbing color with sound, so your infant can focus his or her energy on reaching and grasping the bell as well as batting at it to make sounds. In addition to sound, the ribbon on this toy is meant to stretch, providing some give when your infant grasps and pulls.

If you are bringing home a newborn or looking for material for your infant, search for materials that help your infant satisfy his or her curiosity, urge to touch and handle, and desire to be able to influence his or her environment.

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