Thursday, December 10, 2009

DIY: Montessori Dressing Frames for Toddlers

Dressing Frames with toddler-friendly Velcro, large buttons, or zippers allow your child to work with these great materials before they are ready to use the smaller materials in the standard Dressing Frame sets.

The Nienhuis Montessori Dressing Frames are beautifully made, but a bit expensive. They do, however, provide a great reference if you are making your own at home.

The wooden frames are easy to put together, and you can use an old picture frame if you make sure it has no rough edges or splinters.

The Velcro Dressing Frame shown here is really nice for younger toddlers and older infants. You can put it together with two or three tabs of cloth that have Velcro on the underside.

The nice thing about Dressing Frames is that they can be placed on a mat or small table easily, allowing your child to be in a good ergonomic position when he or she works with the material. The dressing cubes that I have seen are a bit harder to use for younger children who can't zip or button materials that are facing in an awkward direction.

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