Saturday, November 7, 2009

Montessori for Infants: Who has a child under 18 months?

Has everyone with a child under 18 months received our infant supplement? If not, please email us (or check our new customer support links on Monday).

The supplements will help everyone work around the expensive material for infants that include brain-body exercises and materials such as the Object Permanence sets, Imbucare, and others. We introduce DIY ideas and substitutions that are quite useful for maintaining a good classroom setup at home on a budget.


Phebe said...

I have an infant who is almost 2 mo old and we do Montessori at home. Would appreciate affordable ideas from you. Please contact me at
Thanks so much.

Kim said...

Oops, apologies, this post was actually for parents who are using our Montessori curriculum for infants and toddlers. You can purchase the curriculum on our site at -- I just emailed you a sample.