Friday, July 24, 2009

Montessori Teaching Curriculum: Where to Sit?

In our first edition of the Montessori Teaching Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers, we explain that teachers (or parents teaching at home) should sit on their child's non-dominant side, and we wanted to elaborate a bit more...

When we write, "Sit on your child’s non-dominant side," this means that you should sit on the left side of a right-handed child. And, naturally, on the right side of a left-handed child. Try having a friend sit on your right side while you try to use a pen with your right hand. Does it feel as if they are in your way? You can’t quite move the way you would like to or you have to be careful that you do not bump into them?

Are you not sure which side your child favors or do sides alternate? Try different sides and see what happens. Be aware of your child's body language and interaction with you when you are on the right side versus the left side. The goal is to have your physical presence not interfere with the presentation or work at hand. Your role is to guide and present without changing your child's focus.

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