Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Montessori Practical Life for Toddlers: Dressing Frame

This Velcro frame is the easiest frame to use and make.

Use the same set up, shelf, and steps as shown above for the button frame. When you close the flaps, close the one on the bottom first. Then place the top flap on top of the bottom flap. Press lightly. Show your child how it sticks together.

Let your child work with this and other exercises for as long as he or she wishes.

The dressing frame sets include a number of different types such as buttons, laces, and zippers, but you can also make this into an easy (and cheap) DIY project. If you are making dressing frames for your older infant or toddler, the dressing frame with three large buttons comes next.

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Photo credit: Nienhuis Montessori Equipment

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